Monday, November 5, 2012

Celexa and insomnia

I just started Celexa and have had horrible insomnia followed by heart palps at night and horrible anxiety. When I was on Effexor for 3 weeks, I got the same thing. Is Celexa better and will the insomnia go away with this one? Are Effexor and Celexa similar which is why I'm getting the insomnia? Being up at 1am when I have to get up at 6 for work is no fun and it almost doesn't seem worth being on anything.
I'm 21 years old and relatively inexperienced with my anxiety and taking medications for it. For the last two years my anxiety started to have a negative effect on my life. It progressively got worse to the point that I had trouble with everyday activities. I finally went to a doctor and he prescribed Celexa. I'm on 10mg a day and it has been wonderful. Slight side-effects at first like occasional dizziness and unusual sleeping patterns but these were very minimal. After two weeks of being on the medication the side-effects TOTALLY subsided. I have been taking Celexa now for 9 months and have a great life. School performance improved, relationship with friends and family are better than ever, and most importantly I'm happier than ever.
If you are having these side effects, especially the heart palpitations, please call your doc!! That is potentially dangerous. I'm sure you are fine, but do call your doc.
You may adjust to the med, or you may need a different type of antidepressant.
Best wishes and I hope you feel great very soon,

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