Monday, November 5, 2012

Celexa (citalopram) for Anxiety and Stress

Eight months ago, I had a severe anxiety attack after cutting myself badly while cooking. One second I was fine, the next my heart was racing, dizzy, felt like running, felt I was losing control. After an hour I somewhat calmed down, but after thinking about the anxiety, I got nervous and another came on, and from that point on, for the next week, from the moment I woke up, until the moment I fell asleep (never more than 3 hours a night), I was having total anxiety attacks. Finally I called a psych, who told me to go to a clinic, and they gave me Xanax, which helped to bring down the anxiety, but it recurred after few hours. Finally they put me on Celexa and after 2 weeks, symptoms disappeared. It has kept me normal, no side effects. Good medicine.
 Celexa has calmed me down a lot. I use to stress about everything. I always feared the worst. Celexa has helped me overcome this feeling. However at times I seem too laid back and I get very annoyed with people who complain about everyday situations. At first I thought this drug is not working but a month later I don't know how I survived without it. I do have headaches more frequently and sometimes I get lazy but sometimes I get this burst of energy too. Also every so often I get really somber but within an hour I calm down and feel awesome. This drug works wonders for me.
 I have suffered from depression off and on for years and have taken Zoloft in the past. This time it didn't seem to be working. I also was hit with overwhelming anxiety because of my husband's job difficulties. The doctor prescribed Celexa a couple of months ago. After 3 weeks, I was ready to give up on this because it took longer to kick in than Zoloft. I also had terrible dry mouth and food just didn't taste good. But the Doctor bumped me up to 60 mg and that really did the trick. I only have dry mouth when I first wake up in the morning and food tastes good again. My hubby said that on Zoloft I was more "flat emotioned" but on the Celexa, I have the normal ups and downs that everyone else has. The only negative is that I am on the tired side, but not terribly bad. It is a lot better than wanting to jump in front of a bus. I urge everyone to give this a try and stick with it.

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